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To my friends in Bremen

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This picture resumes! (Romania, Greece, India, Egypt, Malta, Niederlands and Turkey!)

The last days in January were really fun but really sad at the same time.
It's very painful when you make real friends during the exchange period and you have to deal with the fact that they will live the rest of theirs lives quilometers far away from you. Or even an ocean of distance.

Yes, I did good friends here. Not only party people. Not only "Erasmus people".
Isabelle and Aline were the only whom
 stayed here from this picutre :/

And because lived together with so many different cultures, I learnt that everybody is equal.
Differences are details. 

I've never imagined that my friends here would be from the most unusual places - some of them I almost didn't even heard much about.
Malta, Greece, Lithuania, Romania, Índia, Niederlands, Egypt, Turkey - now I have even strongest/biggest reasons to visit those countries.

I'm terrible to deal with missing.
I hate the idea of loosing a friendship because of the distance.

But I know that this period doesn't go back anymore. I know that it was the end of a wonderful phase. And now they go and I stay. And it'll begin again.
New parties, new people, new histories - but nothing nor anyone will replace whom lived with me during my first semester in Bremen.
The idea of don't see them again inconceivable.

I love this picture! Me and Rachel in our on day trip in Hamburg!

The first time I went out with Rodolfo and Simon :)
All that entire week of goodbyes in January is already kept in my mind with love: the first snow on Thursday (we were in a club and me and Rachel left the place without coats just to play with it); the campfire at Shivam's house - when I got the coldest cold in all my life (-12 ºC); the crazy party in a strange apartment; the snow fight at the Bürgerpark on Sunday (Tasos walking on the frozen lake); my inauguration's party (with the police knocking on the door); the goodbye of the goodbyes in the Starbucks at the central station.

me and Cristina in our Welcome Party, at the beginning of
the semester
Besides a lot of another histories of one whole semester that wont never be forgotten, of course :)

It's important also to say that Talita, Fernando and Rodolfo went back to Brazil too and I miss them so much - but I'll visit them for sure :)

My favourite couple

I hope, my friends, that one day I can see you all again. And more: I hope we could stay all together one more time.

Ps.: For my lucky, Isabelle, Aline, Cristina, Ekin, Elisa, Shivam, David, Leandro and Renato will stay here too!

Ps.: I'm still upset because I couldn't say goodbye to Simon and David.

Ps.: 4 days playing with snow, drinking and without sleeping: I got fucking flu.

Ps.: It was so cold on Saturday that the beer got frozen!

Ps.: I'm going to London in June - so I will see Tasos again!


Vik and me in the Freimarkt :)

Campfire at Shivam's house

the first day of snow <3

The last day :((

And finally... videos of Tasos walking on the frozen lake!

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