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Epic night: how I met the guys of Franz Ferdinand

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First: I'm sorry for my bad english, there is a long time I stopped to study it.

My history with the band

I always liked Franz Ferdinand. And there is a long time I like them. How I knew them? Through Guitar Hero. hahaha yes, that's true. And after that they became my atual favourite band. They are the only band I still buy the cds (I have all less the last one - that I'll buy in Brazil, when I go back). I've never played the groupie kind of person, but I always wanted to go their concert - they should be even more exciting alive!

When I was 16 they played in Rio de Janeiro and I had asked my parents to go. My mother told me that she would go with me. But when the tickets started to be sold - surprise: my dad told me that of course and obviously I wouldn't travel just to see a band ~it never makes sense in his head~ and even more in my last year in the high school. I got fucking frustrated.

Last year, just after I discovered that they would at Lolla Palooza, I immediatly bought the tickets - but just after that I got fucking frustrated again: I discovered that they would play in RECIFE (my city) and I wouldn't be there... because I would be already in São Paulo for the festival. Well, I would see them anyway... at least not bad at all

To compensate my frustration I made a signal with "Recife <3 you" (ahahha, really silly, I admit) and I brought it to the concert at Lolla. I stayed in front of the stage and Alex saw me. Mission accomplished (they played in Recife at the day before and they arrived in São Paulo and Recife continued there at their concert).

Lolla Palooza last year hahaha

Lolla Palooza last year, I was the closest as possible... but still very far

Of course the concert at Lolla was great, we're talking about Franz Ferdinand after all, but was a festival - which turned everything so unpersonal. The stage was huge, there was a lot of people that doesnt even knew the songs, there was.a.lot.of.people.too.much.people.

Ps.: A long time ago, they answered in myspace (Alex) and last year, after the concert at Lolla, Alex also answered me in Twitter :)

My second concert

After I discovered that they would play here in Germany - in Hamburg, that it's quite near and I can go there for free with my awesome semesterticket - I had no doubts at all, I bought the ticket as soon it started to be sold. I payed 50 euros (43 really, 7 was the delivery tax). It worth every penny.

The concert was in a place called Docks  that stays at the famous Repeerbahn. Bands like Metallica, Red Hot, Black Sabbath, Ramones, Ozyy and David Bowie also played there. And Franz Ferdinand had already played there before! - I knew that because Alex Kapranos commented that he was honored to play "Walk Away" there because he had written the song the last time he was there, at the basement. And Docks is really small! It's very intimist. Perfect.

I arrived at the place two hours and a half before the doors be opened. For my surprise, there were only 5 people, maximum. The line grew up just a little around 19h (maybe 30 or 40 people) - when the doors were opened.  Me and Fernando took a place just in front of the stage easily. The club was quite empty and it just became full around 20h, just before the concert starts. And when they appeared... surprise! Weren't they! Everybody was like "Am I at the right place?", "Is it a band cover and not real Franz Ferdinand?" - because nobody knew that a band called Citizens - from London, as they use to say every 5 minutes - would open the concert to Franz. The band sounded good, I'm going to check some musics in youtube.

Ignore my face and notice that was so much space just in
front of the stage just before the concert begins. When it
would happen in Brazil? Never.

One more time, I made a signal "Recife <3 you". Directly from the brazilian northeast to the german north! It was the first thing that Alex saw as soon as he came to the stage hahaha I was really happy. 
The concert was veeery long and I was trying to remember which music they didn't play. It was really awesome :) It couldn't be better. At the end, I opened my signal again and Nick threw one drumstick to me (I'm feeling like a retarded fan hahaha I swear that I am not like that, but I couldn't feel retarded with so much atention).

me and Fernando waiting the concert starts

This time I was really close

I was just in front of Nick

The guys are reaaally nice!

At the end, me and Fernando waited at the Dock's back door to see with we could get at least a picture with them - we came from so far away (ok, from Bremen, one hour by train), we were already there, we should give it a try. We though we would be the only ones waiting, but after half an hour 5 more people came and we started to talk. There was a very nice couple that had brought printed pictures with them (from another concert) for them to sign. There was a guy from Hamburg that had already been in TWELVE concerts and because of this he even didn't ask to take pictures with them or anything. There was a crazy girl that was in her first Franz's Ferdinand concert and she was asking the security gard every five minutes if the guys were coming. And me ~the crazy one from Recife~ and Fernando. 

They became one by one. First Paul appeared - whom seems to be reaaally funny, and crazy. When I told him to come back to Brazil, he awnsered something like "it's an eternity flying", almost said "me? noo way", HAHAHAHA

Fernando, Paul and me

After was Bob's turn. He's cute, but so serious. I don't understand him.

Bob and me

After that, Nick appeared. He's my favourite. As soon as he went out, he saw me and said "ahhh, you are the girl from Recife, right?". X.X Then I said that I hadn't seen them in Recife :( We stayed all together talking and it seemed that we were friends a long time hahaha. He spent some time talking to the people in german (he grew up/studied in Munich) and said good bye. 

Nick and me
Nick and me

Then Alex came. He also recognized me as the brazilian girl haha. He stayed there talking with us for a long time. Actually I didn't expected him to be so nice. In my head he was kind of a star person, I don't know. 

The subjects of the conversation: the germans appointed some typing mistakes in a t-shirt and in one cd - like wtff HAHAHA and Alex immediatly said "This was Nick that typed! Tomorrow we are going to correct this!"; the clothes they were wearing (from a designer, I don't remember the name, but I thought it was cool); the versions of Lucid Dreams (at the concert and at the cd); at some point he also told that he didn't really like to play "All for you Sophia" (at least, it was what I understood); and I asked him which band he would like to go to a concert - he told me A LOT of bands but I can only remember one (Django Django). 

Well, this is all of my bad memory could remember. Alex stayed for a long time talking and I guess if more subjetcs had been brought he would stay more. 

When he was going away, I said something like "I hope to see you soon in Brazil", he was already a little bit far and then stopped, turned back and as he suddenly had remembered something, he said "ahh, we are going to Brazil at the end of the year, in november".

Well, I hope not to be murdered by the brazilian fans if they wont really come. hahaha

Me and Alex

My souveniers from yesterday: the drumstick from Nick
and the ticket signed by all members :) 

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