segunda-feira, 28 de julho de 2014

Good bye, Bremen.

I would like to write a good bye text and something about the closure of my interchange year. But I simply can not do it.

My father had to go to Bremen to ensure
my return to Brazil.
It is too much sad, it is too much information to me. It's like trying to resume my blog in only one post. But in each post I already resume so much the events, my feelings, my life...

I can only say that I'll be back like another person - as I already said: I was borned again. Maybe it isn't noticeable to others, but it was very significant to me.

From now I carry my friends in my pocket, my learnings in my head and my memories in my chest.

And it must not be the end, but a new a phase in Brazil. Because now I liked it. Now I don't stop it anymore. And this this year out was just the beginning.


Ps.: I still have some posts to do and I shall update the blog soon (including my return and my adaptation in Brazil)

Ps2.: Actually, I didn't spend one year in Bremen becase I antecipated my return do Brazil in two months.

Ps3.: Probably I will post something here when I miss Bremen.

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