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Report after 8 months living in Bremen

the weather is now fucking awesome


It's been 8 months since I arrived in Bremen. And today I can finally say: I am adapted!
Of course there are yet a lot of things to learn and places to explore, but finally I feel confortable here, finally I feel that I stablished ties here and I feel happier each day. Finally I can say: yes, I love Bremen!

Unfortunatly, just because I'm adapted, I also don't have much time here anymore. And now my homesickness is reverse. I didn't even return to Brazil and I'm already catching myself looking the things with nostalgia, wondering how dificult would be to return to Recife without have an idea when I'll come back to Germany. 

It's true that, at the beginning, I didn't like here that much and I even tried to move to Hamburg, but nowadays I see Bremen as a city where I would live again in the future. Compared to the other cities I visited in Germany, Bremen really seems to be the ideal - it isn't that big or that small; it isn't neither too empty nor too full of people; it doesn't have a high cost of living; it is great to ride a bike (not all cities are like that); besides of being simply beautiful!

It's true that I really missed Recife and I still dreaming everyday that I'm there (but the dreams are not always good dreams, many times it has kidnappings, assaults, etc.), but now I learned how to control it. Not to mention that my first semester, besides being winter, was terrible! I didn't understand anything well, I felt cold all the time, I was bad treated by a bizarre family, everything was very different!

Nowadays, I know exaclty where to go, how to solve the problems, I already found my favorites places in the city, I already found my friends. I reached the cruising speed, everything seems to be stable and calm.

But that's it - all good things come to an end. Soon I'll initiate the goodbye procedure - auf wiedersehen jägermeister, hallo caipirinhas!

Ps.: My recommendation to whom will do an exchange: stay at least two semesters - it worths ten tousend more than just one.

Ps 2.: Germany is not an easy country, but it's awesome! You just have to be patient. 

Ps 3.: I wont say that it passed fast, but I need to say that I would like to stay more! haha

Ps 4.: But that's ok, I'll come back within two years to do my master. 
Ps 5.: The worst part: how to deal with all the friends around the world?

Ps 6.: Of course I miss Recife (too much!), but I'm pretty sure that after one week I'll be complaining about everything, hahaha

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